I used to have a blog and then disaster struck. Now it’s back.

This is the third incarnation of my personal blog.

The first one was on blogger when I was in highschool. The second one was on a self hosted installation of wordpress. The current move was involuntary as I forgot to renew my subscription with the VM provider before my data were deleted.

As far as life lessons go, losing a couple years worth of posts is a pretty cheap price to pay to internalize the value of frequent backups, but I digress.

Wordpress requires a lot of maintenance so all my web developer friends have been preaching static site generators to me for ages.

The current incarnation of the blog is built using Jekyll and hosted on Github Pages. The fact that Github Pages come with SSL support for custom domains out of the box continues to feel like black magic, but then it’s been many years since I did any web development work so I am late to the Let’s Encrypt party.

You can find out what this blog is about in the About page linked in the menu.

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