I’m Michael, a Software Engineer from Heraklion, Greece. I graduated from the University of Cyprus with a Computer Science degree in 2015 and spent the next 5 years in Limassol, Cyprus working as an engineer in the finance industry.

Since August 2020, I’ve been living in Dublin, Ireland working in the gaming industry.

I travel abroad a few times a year and pretend to arrive at profound insights about the human condition. Most days you can find me reading contemporary fiction and writing lame poetry.

This blog is an avenue to vent my excitement for life. Posts include but are not limited to:

  • Programming deep dives: Algorithms, bugs, catastrophic failures and high quality papers.
  • Media recommendations: Books, movies, video games, podcasts, music.
  • Musings about life: All the insightful analysis you ‘d expect from someone on the left side of the Dunning–Kruger curve on psychology, history and politics.
  • Commentary on interesting stuff found on the web.

Nothing is more permanent than the temporary.
-Ancient Greek Proverb

Thank You for reading!